I'll say beneath. I think you will see one. While a first round trade can be done custom dallas cowboys jersey, It seems more often than not it would come in that later rounds. They've shown over the past decades that they are willing to trade up or down early in the draft, So either scenario is possible. Regarding a potential trade out of the first round demaryius thomas jersey, I think this is unlikely for one reason. A first round pick also has a fifth year team option phillip dorsett jersey. If you trade back and pick up extra second and third round picks, Those possibilities come with only four year contracts. I wouldn't want to wait until the third round to take a RB. I think the second round is where you will hear a big run on quality runners. I'm all for worth spending best player available, But in an appropriate world, I'd say the best player available at 27 would be a defensive player dennis pitta jersey. In that setting, Dallas can get a corner, LB or shielding lineman in Round 1, A RB in 2 together CB, DL or LB from the third. Those three picks need to play a very central role in 2015.

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