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For the past 40 years Gershon Romish, one of the founders of Moshav Almagor in the northern Galilee region of Israel, has been acquiring knowledge and experience in various agricultural areas and in subtropical planting in particular.  He owns nurseries, orchards, greenhouses and plantations.  The nursery is now considered a leader in the field of subtropical plantings and specializes in mango, avocado and litchi.  The nursery is located in Moshav Almagor and Amnon and has been producing and providing seeds for the agriculture industry for over 35 years.   A few years ago Gershon’s sons, Gal and Ram, started working at the nursery and became experts in nursery management, orchards, and grafting.  Gershon is also a leading consultant in grafting of new species and helping others with the establishment of agricultural ventures in Israel and abroad.  He is known worldwide, having  customers from Egypt, Nigeria and all over the Latin world.





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